Our Mission

Our mission is to foster the mass adoption of the EOS blockchain by creating seamless user-friendly tools, generating educational content, and engaging with enterprise and institutions to help them realize the potential of this powerful technology. Full adoption will only come when people find using the EOS blockchain simple and easy, and when real-world institutions trust in the long-term benefits and integrity of the system. We are actively making the lives of current token holders easier with our tools, while educating the next generation of users big and small of what’s possible with EOS.

Our Vision

The vision of a decentralized era is one free of middlemen, transaction fees, and bureaucracy. We hope to help make this reality by bringing the EOS blockchain to the masses, to industry, and to the world. EOS is the first blockchain designed to scale and so the best choice to build a new world on. As a leading EOS block producer, we are starting to build this world, one block at a time.

Our Background

The appeal of blockchain is far-reaching and people from many different walks of life are drawn to its potential for different reasons.  Our diverse team hails from a variety of backgrounds; including software developers, financial traders, IT professionals, and civil servants. Despite where they came from all the members of our team are working tirelessly to help make our joint vision a reality.